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Water Heater Repair & Replacement in the Reno-Sparks Area

Water heater issues can result in unpleasant cold showers or an inability to complete household chores effectively. But Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling can remedy any water heater problems in Sparks or Reno, NV quickly. Our veteran technicians can visit your home or business to inspect and repair your water heater as soon as you notice something is wrong. We are available 24 hours per day, so do not hesitate to contact us. Let our professional team use the knowledge and expertise we have acquired over nearly four decades in the industry to fix your water heater safely.

Water Heater Repair Services in Reno, NV

We Provide Comprehensive Water Heater Repair Services

If your water takes an unusual amount of time to get warm or you run out of hot water while taking a shower, there is likely something wrong with your water heater. Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling’s experts can accurately diagnose its issue and provide necessary repairs when they are feasible. Repairs may include fixing broken dip tubes, restoring faulty burners, replacing failed heating elements, and more. But we can also make recommendations regarding your water heater’s viability. At some point, it may be more prudent to replace the unit altogether. If that is the case, we will clearly explain your options and provide water heater replacement services for your home or business.

We Offer Water Heater Replacement Services

When your water heater has outlasted its usefulness, it is time to replace it with a new model. Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling can provide professional guidance pertaining to the type of water heater that would best suit your home and family as well as various factors that you should think about before purchasing a unit. Among the things to consider when replacing your water heater are:


You want to ensure you have a large enough water heater to satisfy your whole family.


Your water heater must fit in its allotted space.


We can inform you how quickly each model heats water to desired temperatures.


Our team will help you understand what kind of water heater you need to keep your energy costs low.

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What Kind of Water Heater Should I Invest In?

It’s a question we hear often. Water heaters come in many shapes and sizes. One factor to consider is how much time your family spends in the shower and how much hot water you use at a time. Smaller families can get by with a smaller water heater, while larger families will undoubtedly need a bigger water heater. The type of water heater you choose to invest in all depends on the unique needs of your home or business.


Most homes have a tank style water heater. Water is continuously heated in a standing insulated storage tank until it’s ready to use. This form of heating water is not as energy-efficient as other options.


Tankless systems have gained traction in recent years. These systems work by allowing water to flow over a heat exchanger, converting tap water into hot water instantaneously. Instead of storing water all day in a tank and keeping it hot, tankless water heaters heat the water instantly upon request. The most significant benefits to investing in a tankless water heating system include:

  • Highly-efficient and ecofriendly
  • Practically unlimited hot water on demand
  • Up to twice the lifespan compared to tanked systems
  • Compact design

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