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Experienced and Professional Heater Repairs

For many years the residents in Reno, NV have called on us when they needed assistance with heater repairs or maintenance services. They trust us because they know we have dedicated ourselves to understanding all of the heater’s parts and how they function. Whether you still have the original heater in your home or are looking to upgrade, our staff has the experience and knowledge to help with all repairs and maintenance. We also equip our technicians with the industry’s best tools to prevent frequent trips back and forth to our headquarters. Our team effortlessly finds the cause of the issue and creates a personalized repair plan.

You can also set yourself up for success by signing up to have us regularly visit your home with preventative maintenance services. Our team will set up appointments throughout the year to check on your heater and safeguard you from costly or dangerous repairs. Call today or visit our Contact Us page and have our team members come to your home for an initial inspection or if you need assistance getting your heat back on again. We also provide 24/7 emergency services, so you don’t have to suffer for long without your heat.

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Expected Heating Repair Services from Our Pros

We have studied all the traditional and modern heaters, and our technicians are more than prepared to tackle any issues your system might be facing. Since 1982, Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling has been getting heaters back on efficiently and effectively. You also don’t want to wait around once you notice an issue with your heater in the middle of winter. Leaving it unattended can cause even more damage leading to costlier repairs or even a premature replacement. Below are some of the heater repairs we have performed in the past:

  • Relight your igniter
  • Refurbish normal wear and tear parts
  • Replace fan belts and other parts
  • Remove dirt for cleaner air
  • Clean rust to prevent further decay
  • And much more depending on the inspection

Signs You Need Heater Repairs

Besides the apparent and total shutdown of your heater, there are warning signs it will give off when it needs a professional’s touch. It is essential to give us a call as soon as you notice these issues. Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling can send someone out even in the middle of the night. Our 24/7 emergency heater repair services are designed to keep you as comfortable as possible by being prepared at any time of day or night. Here are some signs to pay attention to while your heater is running, so you know when to call for heater repairs:

Funny Smells: If you begin to smell a pungent aroma every time your heater turns on, give Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling  a call. This could be a potential gas leak, or there could be some other issue needing rectifying. Either way, we will be there right away to begin the heater repairs.

Loud Noises: Most home service appliances make subtle sounds as they operate, but when the sound grows and becomes obnoxious as it turns on, we have an issue needing repairs. Banging, clanking, thumping, and others are most likely related to holes developing within the heater or your ductwork. Give us a call to get a peacefully performing heater.

Frequently Turning On and Off: The more you hear your heater turn off and on, the harder it is working to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. Not only is this bad for the health of the heater, but it also means its efficiency is lowered, which will cost you on your monthly bills. Save money by reaching out to our professionals, day or night! You can always visit our About Us page to know more about our company.

No Heat: One of the easier signs to recognize, but when you are not receiving any heat as your system turns on, we will inspect and deliver heater repairs. Our experience and dedication have allowed us to work rapidly in these situations to reduce your downtime without heat.

Weak Air from Vents: When your heater turns on, you should feel a gust of wind coming from vents and registers throughout your home. It should also be an even flow of air in each room. If you notice your bedroom getting warmer than your living room or your kitchen gets hot while the family room requires a blanket, reach out to us.

Temperature Doesn’t Match Thermostat: If your heater can’t keep up with your demands on the thermostat, it could require professional help. We may even need to replace it if the thermostat has lost all control. But no worries, we will help keep you within budget and find an energy-efficient model right away for the installation.

Trusted Heater Repairs and More from the Paschall Team

You can also sign up for our regular maintenance services. We come out to your home for scheduled visits, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to reach out for help. These visits help us catch necessary repairs early to prevent premature replacement. Give us a call today and allow us to get you the heater repairs needed to stay cozy on cold nights towards the end and beginning of the year. Since 1982, we have been helping our neighbors, friends, and families get the repairs they need any time of day or night with our 24/7 emergency services. We understand your heater, AC, plumbing, and more don’t consider your schedule, which is why we are available when you need us most. You can also check our other services here Reno plumber.

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